* North County Outfitters has been the number one gun dealer I ever had. Before I started using NCO, I had a huge collection of guns, that later on, I had to sell. I bought them through local dealers, however I still prefer to go to NCO in West Branch (45 minutes away). The way they treated me and my transactions keep me coming back.  Everyone that has asked me about which dealer I used for my guns, I always  advice "NCO". We don't see each other much, I consider Craig (NCO) not only my gun dealer, but a friend.

John Tenorio
Tawas City

I have known Craig for 3 years. I use his FFL Services (very reasonable), bought gun items/accessories/supplies (costs also reasonable), and I am always asking him for advice. He has always given me sound advice.  I live 55 miles away. I keep coming back because I totally trust Craig. My 13 year old great grandson that lives with me enjoys Craig also. My grandson is always full of questions and Craig educates him. FFL services, gunsmith problems, whatever, Craig gives excellent results.  Can't beat that!!

Dale & Logan Montgomery
AuSable, MI

* It was quite by accident I stumbled on North Country Outfitters, LLC but I will never go anywhere else for anything from firearms to archery equipment.. It was about 9:00 PM one evening I was looking for an FFL dealer to transfer a firearm I had purchased online. I looked through the list of FFL dealers in my area and just basically ‘thru a dart’ that hit North Country Outfitters in West Branch. I must also add there are dealers closer to my house but I was tired of being treated like a stranger even after doing quite a bit of business with them. I sent an email hoping to get a reply the next day. No…….I received one immediately that night!!! The immediate and friendly email I received from Craig that evening made me realize there were still proprietors out there that still believed in customer satisfaction! I actually brought up to Craig that I would like to put a testimony to that fact on his web site. His response was ‘Wait until we have completed the transaction and see how you feel then.” Craig kept in constant contact and let me know immediately upon my firearm being delivered. I made arrangements to pick up the pistol and finally met Craig face to face. Now, I promise you will never have this happen upon picking up a firearm from another dealer. The pistol I purchased was a Sig P229 with less then 200 rounds fired. Craig not only showed me how to break down the pistol but thoroughly cleaned the weapon like I’d never seen before, painstakingly cleaning out the rails and other areas that are normally missed during cleaning. He also went thru the proper lube, areas to lube, reassembly and then disassembly/cleaning and reassembly of the magazines. This was not even a firearm I purchased from him……….he was ‘only’ doing the transfer!!!!
Craig defines the phrase ‘Complete Customer Satisfaction’!!

Capt. Harv Larabell
U.S.C.G. Licensed Capt/Master 100 ton
Member USCG Aux - 'Team Coast Guard'

U. S. Dept of Homeland Security

* I found Craig (North Country Outfitters) on Guns America after sending out more than 30 email's to dealers. Craig's response was quick and his price was among the lowest.The rifle I wanted had a 3 month build time and Craig kept me updated the whole time. I would not hesitate to purchase from him again.

SFC. Lawrence USARET.

North Country Outfitters has been my primary choice for gun sales and accessories since it has been in operation.  I rely and trust on their knowledge, and experience with whatever questions, concerns or just plain advice I might run by them.  Quality, service, and friendships are very important to them and they do it all top notch.  So if you want to have a pleasurable experience on your next purchase and make some great friends to boot, then North Country Outfitters is the place for you!

* Old dogs can learn new tricks. Two years ago I purchased a model
700 300 ultra mag. I thought I knew everything about shooting  a rifle, however I was not able to shoot a tight group of shots and  I wanted to throw it in the trash. Then I was lucky enough to meet Craig at North County Outfitters. I told him about my ultra mag and he told me to bring it over. He educated me on fine tuning a rifle. He free floated the stock, took the rifle apart and checked all the components. Then the most important thing of all was having custom made rounds. By the time I shot the 3rd series of the 3 rounds, my rifle turned into the best shooting rifle I have ever shot. I would not of believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself. A group of 3 in less than 1/2” group at 100 yards, So if you want your rounds to go exactly where you want and be an awesome marksman, you need ammo that is customized for your file, and North Country Outfitters is the company to do it for you.

Jim Stalsberg Jr

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* I must commend North Country Outfitters on their friendly and knowledgeable sales and support staff. It was a most pleasant and helpful visit when I stopped in the shop this week, and will certainly recommend them for anyone's firearm needs!

Scott Smith
West Branch, MI